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Microsoft adds new passive SQL rights with Software Assurance

Microsoft announced new Server- disaster-recovery-use rights for organizations licensing SQL Server with Software Assurance (SA) coverage. SA is an annuity charge on top of the software licensing cost with benefits as educational perks and free software upgrades.

Totally three passive instances get the ability to manage and prepare for server disaster process.

First original instance can be used as “failover server” while two newly added instances have disaster-recovery purposes.

New rights allow you to have one instance housed on an on-premises server and one instance housed in an Azure virtual machine. That means that you as a customer will be able to implement hybrid disaster recovery plans with SQL Server using Microsoft features without incurring additional licensing costs. The enhanced SA benefit was described in Microsoft licencing terms.

The "Fail-over Rights" section of the November Licensing Terms document includes a caveat about what kind of workloads can be run for an operating system environment (OSE).

Importantly, the free instances can't be used to run SQL Server workloads. The SA benefit is just for failovers and disaster recovery.

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